Public Meeting, Well Nearly…

(Public) Meeting: 2nd August, 5:30pm @ Robertson School of Arts.

Following objections to Council about the “Giant iPad” plan, the Council asked for proof. Despite being given only four days to collect and submit this proof, a petition with over 70 signatures was submitted to the General Manager of Wingecarribee Shire Council. To her credit she then placed this petition on the Full Council Meeting Agenda. In response:

MOTION moved by Clr J Uliana and seconded by Clr T D Gair

1. THAT Petition 04/2016 – Our Village Our Future – Ratepayer Opposition to the Robertson “Information Kiosk” – be received and the content of this report be noted.

2. THAT Council write to the signatories to the Petition suggesting that the signatories meet with Council in an informal information session to discuss Our Village Our Future and the vision of the community group in relation to the building of the Information Kiosk, which Council supports. PASSED

Some of the signatories have now been invited to a meeting on Tuesday 2nd August, at 5:30pm at the Robertson School of Arts. We would encourage anyone who has a concern, objection or just an interest to come along and seek some accountability.

2 Responses to Public Meeting, Well Nearly…

  1. Chris Straughan says:

    Ive been to many of those information kiosks – they bring their most diplomatic and their job is to appease and talk down the people concerned – it is already happening and will happen. Shame there wasn’t more community consultation beforehand.

  2. Denis Wilson says:

    This idea smacks of the handiwork of a group using their privileged access to Council funds.
    An idea has been launched without ever assessing the objective. They are doing it because they can, without ever assessing the overall benefit to the Village of Robertson.
    It is an exercise in self-aggrandisement by the invisible committee which claims to run the “Robertson Shed Inc”.
    How many people of the Village get to make these decisions?

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Updated 5th July 2016