The Blind Leading the Blind

It will come as a surprise to some, annoy others and will please a tiny group of diehards to find out that the “Robertson Giant iPad Project” – as it has been dubbed by its opponents – appears to be proceeding at breakneck speed. Like a drunk driver trying to make it home during a festive RBT blitz the ‘community representatives’ would rather commit $20,000 of our money – and $30,000 of as yet unidentified provenance – to a scheme that this site can achieve for less than $100!

Yes folks, we appear to be getting a $50,000 ‘Information Centre’ whether we like it or not. To some this will indeed be news – as the ‘community representatives’ have as yet abjectly failed to ask any of us what we want for the village despite the project claiming to be a “community building exercise”!

The bad news is that if this does really bother you and you want answers, neither the ‘community representatives’ nor Wingecarribee Shire Council want to hear it. In fact since protests have been made and reasonable requests for proper community consultation have been asked for they have actually sped up the process and have already deposited our money with the CTC. Maybe someone from the CTC would now like to explain to a Public Meeting precisely why we need this ‘Information Centre’ when a cheap website seems quite adequate to do the job really…

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Updated 5th July 2016