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Public Meeting, Well Nearly…

(Public) Meeting: 2nd August, 5:30pm @ Robertson School of Arts. Following objections to Council about the “Giant iPad” plan, the Council asked for proof. Despite being given only four days to collect and submit this proof, a petition with over

“Winter is Coming”

“Winter is coming” for traditional models of Tourist Information delivery. Only 1.8% of tourist’s visiting the Shoalhaven make a trip to the Tourist Information Centre. Source: The Home Run © 949 Power FM

Robertson Heritage Walk

Starting from the Railway Station, walk down Yarranga Street and turn left into the Illawarra Highway (Hoddle Street).           1. The Old Post Office, a stone and timber building completed in 1896. Badly damaged by the

History of Robertson

Established in the 1860s, Robertson was known as “Yarrawa”, from the “Yarrawa Brush”, a generic term used by the early settlers for the local rainforest which they had set out to clear. The clearing of the dense rainforest was necessary

Orchids in the Robertson Nature Reserve

The Robertson Nature Reserve does not have many species of Orchids growing in it, nor very beautiful ones, to be honest. But they are interesting, none the less. ***** For an Orchid, rainforest can be a difficult environment, as light

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