Welcome to the Robertson Information Centre

Despite a small clique within the village secretly embarking on a plan to spend $50,000 – yes people, you read it correctly FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS – on a “Visitor Information Centre” there are many within the village who believe that the money could be far better spent on our elderly, our children and our community as a whole. The apparent centrepiece of the proposed ‘information centre’ is an incredibly expensive – but somehow vandal proof – touch screen display – a giant iPad if you like!

A group of us who have professional experience in the fields of IT and Communications – each with over 20 plus years – are utterly convinced that a more effective, efficient and less costly solution can be provided for at most a couple of hundred dollars, and that is if we really ‘push the boat out’ and go quite mad!

This website is the first element in our alternative, low-cost solution for the village. Although we remain unconvinced of the urgent need for a visitor information centre, we at least feel – on the grounds of fairness – that we should play our opponents’ game and solve their problems for them thus allowing them to free up the money allocated for our village so that it can be spent on something that we all need, want and most importantly… support!

Coming Soon Robertson Tourism APP


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Updated 5th July 2016